Bronze is more expensive than granite but is becoming used more because it is almost everlasting. It does have a tendency to turn somewhat darker over the years, but is virtually impervious to weather, heat, and cold.

Headstones are also made of limestone – either Nabresina or Portland. Portland hardens and discolours over time which gives it a worn and weathered look, and it is a classic sort of headstone found in very many churchyards. Nabresina has a beige colouring and is not as durable as granite.

White marble is another stone that is bright and has blue and grey colours in it looking like veins. It is not usually allowed in churchyards because it will stand out from what are often very old headstones that have been there for some hundreds of years and spoil the overall look of the churchyard.

Many churches are quite strict about what they will and will not allow in their churchyard and the rules are laid down by the parish council.